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Join us every Summer, always in the last week in July, for a Week of Dance Summer School with Give Into Dance!

Fantastic Dancing with a lot of Fun and Friends.

  • DATE: Monday 29th July to Friday 2nd August 2024
  • TIME: 10am to 4pm each day   
  • AGES: Open to 8 to 16 year old dancers
  • LOCATION: CAPE, 85 Crouch Hill, London, N8 9EG



Students will learn from professional choreographers different street dance styles and Contemporary Fusion dance. The students will learn choreography, develop dance movement, build on dance technique and participate in creative tasks. Children will also work together to create their own dance choreography; improving social skills and bonding with other young dancers.

We will cover an extensive amount of street dance styes within the week; Locking, Popping, Breaking, Tutting, Wackin, Krumping, House, Dancehall, Afro, Commercial, Contemporary Fusion, Tricks and freestyle.

Students will be given a performance opportunity furthering their performing skills, working towards an end of week presentation on Friday at 3.15pm at CAPE.



Give Into Dance encourages and nurtures all levels of dance. The weekly course is devised to suit general to intermediate dancers. We challenge the more advanced dancers and we make all the dance routines assessable and inclusive for dancers at a general level, so all the students enjoy and progress throughout the week. All children are welcome to participate however we would not suggest the 5 day intensive course to a complete beginner dancer. The course and classes are aimed at dancers with some dance experience. We do take day pass students however you can only attend the Friday to perform with us if the student has attended other days of the intensive dance week. Previously learning technique and choreography to be involved on the performance day.



Complete the below online Summer School booking form and make full payment to save your place on the 2024 course.


  • Week booking - £150    
  • Day Pass - £35 a day
  • Sibling Discount - £270 for two siblings



Give Into Dance
Account Number: 01143898
Sort Code: 30-92-93
Use the student’s full name as the payment reference.





Dropping Off: Please bring your child promptly at 10am each day to Cape venue. Under 16 year old students will need to be signed in by an adult.
Picking Up: Parents/guardians are to arrive promptly at 4pm to collect their child. All students will be ready to be collected at Cape front entrance at the end of each day. Under 16 year old students will need to be signed out by an adult.
Unaccompanied students: If your child is under 16 years old and you wish your child to arrive and depart to the summer school unaccompanied each day you must inform G.I.D in advance, in writing, this is your arrangement for the week. Then unaccompanied children can sign themselves in and out each day.


Students should wear loose comfortable clothing that they can move, stretch and sweat in. Clothing like tracksuit bottoms, t-shirt, vest etc.
Footwear: Students should wear trainers for all street dance classes and bare feet for Contemporary dance.
Changing: Toilets are next to the dance studio. Which can be used to change in however we suggest that students arrive in their dance attire. Students may want to bring a spare T-shirt/top to change into throughout the day.
Note: If each student brings a bag with them that they can keep all their belongings in for the day: Water, energy snacks, wallet, change of T-shirt, deodorant and coat/jumper. They can store all their belongings together, easily and neatly in the studio.


Students will have two 15-minute breaks and one 60-minute lunch break throughout each day. As well as drink and rest periods in class time.
Older students may wish to use the local cafes and shops in break times. Your child will only be allowed out during breaks and lunchtime unaccompanied by GID staff if you grant permission on the below booking form. The children unaccompanied do travel together to and from the shops however Give Into Dance staff stay on site with the other children. Please consider your thoughts on this matter when completing the below booking form. YES must be selected to be given permission.


Packed lunch: Students can bring a packed lunch with them each day to eat in the studio at break times. If the weather is nice the students can be accompanied outside with us, to eat their lunch at the back of Cape in the public areas. (Grass, trees, decking and seats behind the building).
Local shop: There is a small local shop directly across the road from Cape venue however this would require crossing the road at the pedestrian crossing. Crouch End: Local cafés and shops in Crouch End (5 minute walk to the broadway).           


Bring a large bottle of water to drink throughout the day. The amount of exercise the students will be participating in is the amount of a professional dancer; the students will need to keep hydrated.


There will be an end of week performance held on Friday 2nd August at 3.15pm. All parents, family & friends are invited to watch the students perform the work achieved through attending the intensive dance week. The performance will be held in the dance studio at Cape. G.I.D staff will collect parents at 3.15pm from the front entrance at Cape and escort the audience members into the building. Please arrive promptly on time, to not disrupt the performance. Parents of the students may take pictures and video the performance. No ticket purchasing required.



All students are to arrive on time and attend all the classes of the day.
Students should be fully prepared for class by wearing the appropriate clothing and footwear.
No jewellery is to be worn.
Students should not bring valuables to class. Give into dance does not accept liability for personal belongings lost.
Students should bring water to class to stay hydrated throughout the dance class.
Students are to conduct them selves professionally at all times remaining focused, willing to participate and sensible in class. Showing respect to all Give into Dance teachers, choreographers and the venue staff is expected.
Students should listen and follow the instructions of all Give into Dance teachers so they do not subject themselves to any unnecessary risk or injury.
Give into Dance teachers reserve the right to request the removal of a student at any time if the student fails to comply with the rules of behaviour and attendance in classes.
Students and Parents should wait outside the building at the beginning of the day.
Children are not allowed in the studios unattended by an adult.
All payments are non refundable except in circumstances where the classes do not take place due to reasons out of our control.


Your Gender identity?

Dance Experience?

Medical Information

Give Into Dance teachers are not permitted to administer students medication. Students can take their own medication - Does your child have any medical condition(s) and/or allergies that could affect their training?

Do we have your parental consent for the dance teacher to act in loco parentis, if the need arises to administer emergency first aid and/or other medical treatment in an emergency?

Child’s safety to and from the dance studio & venues consent

Parents/guardians are responsible for their child’s safety to and from the dance studio & venue. Parents/guardians are required to leave and collect their child promptly at the time of arrival and collection.

Permission to be 'unaccompanied' on breaks?

Older students may wish to use the local cafes and shops in break times. Is your son/daughter allowed out during breaks and lunchtime unaccompanied by GID staff? Only granted if permission is given here.

Press & Publicity Consent

We request permission to use images and video recordings of our students. Photos and video footage will always be in a class and performance setting. Used as a motivational and observation tool to showcase and celebrate the students creative work.

Days you are attending Summer school week 2024

Summer School 2024

I have read the above Information and Terms & Conditions of attending G.I.D Summer school.

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